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Suvidha Frozen Chapati / Ghadichi Poli


Wheat : Sihore wheat from Madhya Pradesh Cleaned & finely ground inhouse
Water: RO purified inhouse
Oil : Refined palm oil
Salt : Iodized free flowing salt
Note : No chemicals / preservatives added


All the ingredients in right proportion are collected in mixer without hand touch.
Mixer completes batch of 25 kg dough kneading in less than 15 minutes.

Dough balls of the size of football are loaded to chapati making machine manually. Chapatis come out on conveyer belt ready for packing. No human intervention. No hand touch.

Removal of chapati from conveyer belt & packing is manual operation carried out by well trained staff.
Chapatis are initially deep frozen and next blast frozen in batches.

Installed capacity : 50000 chapatis per day

Chapati Specifications:

Chapati diameter - 195 mm ( frozen), 185 mm ( roasted - ready to eat)
Chapati weight - 43 gms frozen ( minimum), 37 gms ready to eat after roasting ( minimum)


Butter paper ( size 200 mm x 220 mm ) is inserted in between two chapatis
Consumer Packing: 10 chapatis in food grade polythene bag size - 250 mm x 300 mm
Weight of consumer pack: 450 gms ( Max)
Carton packing: Corrugated 4 ply box with outside dimensions 225 mm (W ) x 450 mm ( L) x 225mm ( H)
No of consumer packs in one carton: 25 Nos
No of chapatis in one carton: 250 Nos
Weight of one carton: 11.5 Kg ( Max )

User Instructions (Chapati)

  • Please check that pack is perfectly sealed and contents there in are not damaged.
  • When stored below -20 Deg C, chapatis are good for consumption within 90 days from date of manufacture.
  • Cut open the pack along seal line using pair of scissors
  • Remove entire bunch of chapatis out from plastic bag and keep on working table to defrost while you attend other work in kitchen. At ambient temp of 30 - 40 deg C it takes 10-15 minutes to defrost all chapatis completely.
  • If defrosting is not complete, removal of chapatis from butter paper shall be little difficult and chapatis may tear off.
  • Butter paper makes it easy to separate one chapati from other.
  • Remove as many chapatis from pack as you want to roast now. Replace balance chapatis back in the plastic bag and return the pack to deep-freezer ( -20 Deg C) for future use.
  • Use Non stick pan for chapati roasting. If it is other than non stick pan, apply little dry wheat flour on both surfaces of each chapati before it is placed on pan for roasting.
  • You can roast chapati on both sides on pan itself or one side on pan and other on flame as per your preference.
  • Ensure that roasted chapati is stored in air tight container / plastic bag so that it remains soft and fresh at least for 10 hours.

Note : we have all the necessary registrations, licences by Indian government to produce & export this material

Frozen Chapati
---------------- Rs 35/- (10 nos.)

Cook / Roast 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' on Non Stick Tawa Only

Chatpata Thepla

Weight 0.041 Gms each, Diameter - 190mm, Thickness - 1.5 mm


whole wheat fresh atta made from our own inhouse Chakki, water, Oil, Salt

No chemicals & preservatives added.

Storage temp - less than 10 deg C.

Packing -

Food grade polythene bag carrying 10 pcs of frozen Chapati ( weight - 410+ gms. )

Chatpata Thepla ---------------- Rs 35/- (5 nos.)

Cook / Roast 'Suvidha Chatpata Thepla' on Non Stick Tawa Only