Frozen Chapati FAQ's

What is 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati'?
'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' is nothing but regular hand made chapati stored in very low temperature (typically -15 Deg C.) enclosure called deep freezer.

How 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' are made?
Using standard ingredients like whole wheat atta, water, little oil and salt, dough is made. Dough ball is rolled to flat, perfect round shape of required uniform thickness. 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' are packed in air tight polythene bags. This uncooked chapati ready for storing at very cool temperatures.

Are any chemical preservatives added?
No external chemicals or preservatives are added since there is no need at all.

Are not 'Suvidha Frozen Chapatis' stale?
'Suvidha Frozen Chapatis' are not at all stale. They are stored at such low temperature that no chemical activity or any kind of degradation takes place. It is proved scientifically since many decades. This is a very common method of preserving perishable goods including food, eatables and life saving drugs. 'Suvidha Frozen Chapatis' are good for consumption as they remain fresh even after 6 months of storage in frozen conditions.

Many housewives are known to keep fully kneaded dough in the fridge / freezer and make chapatis as and when required. In this case instead of the dough, you are keeping 'Suvidha Frozen Chapatis' - fully rolled chapati flat rounds in the fridge / freezer.

'Suvidha Frozen Chapatis' do not have any microbial growth, After cooking / roasting frozen chapati, it is not at all brittle, showing no sign of staleness. Look is rich and feel is so lively that it generates complete confidence about its goodness.

Does 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' pose any health hazard?
'Suvidha Frozen Chapatis' are totally safe for human consumption. If milk stored in deep freezer is good for you, frozen chapatis stored in deep freezer should also be good for you.

How do 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' prove better than self made chapati?
if you want to save your time and energy in kitchen for more priority activities outside kitchen, 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' can be best choice. ready to cook 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' takes just half a minute to convert into Ready to Eat, lively fresh, warm and soft chapati. There is no hassle of bringing wheat, cleaning it, getting it finely ground. You do not have to go thru laborious drill of atta kneading, Dough ball making and rolling it to flat, smooth & perfect round shape.

When you have ready stock of ready to cook 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' in your refrigerator, you can choose to cook them in small batches just as and when you want to consume. It's a great convenience.

Where do we store 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' packet - refrigerator or freezer?
If storage time is 3-4 hours, one can easily store frozen chapatis in refrigerator. For longer storage one must store 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' packet before it is opened for cooking.

Do not thaw 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' on the counter top, leaving them out at room temperature for several hours. At room temperature of 25-40 Deg C., it does not take more than 30 minutes for the packet of 10 chapatis to be fully thawed. the best way to thaw chapati is to transfer chapati from the freezer to the fridge at least 3 hours before consumption. This way they will thaw slowly minimizing the risk of bacteria proliferation. To quickly thaw chapati, use a microwave. Cover the chapatis nicely and use defrosting option in the microwave setting.

How 'Suvidha Frozen Chapatis' are economical?
At price of 35/- for pack of 10 chapatis 'Suvidha Frozen Chapati' offers unbelievable softness & freshness of self made chapati and limitless convenience. Try once, you will surely make it inseparable part of your daily life.

Nutrition facts

Serving size - 1 piece - 43 gms ( frozen ), 36 gms (ready to eat)
Amount per serving Calories from Fat 70 % daily values
Total fat   8    g 12%
Saturated fat   1.5 g 8%
Cholesterol       0 mg 0%
sodium   130 mg 5%
Total carbohydrates   17 g 6%
Dietary fiber     3 g 12%
Sugar     0 g  
Protein        3g  
Vitamin A     -  2% Vitamin C    -    0%  
Calcium       -  4%     Iron              -    4%
Percentage daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. 
Calorie break down
Carbohydrates  45 %   fat 47% Protein 8%