About Us

We offer chapati (Ghadichi Poli) - "Flat Indian Bread", Frankie Wrap, "Tasty Chatpata Methi Masala Thepla" of incredible quality & unbelievable price. We have set up largely automated facility to manufacture 1.5 tonne chapati per day. Modern, up to date kitchen equipment & superlative hygiene practices are spine of our activities.


Suvidha Frozen Chapati is ideal for Small & large families, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, hostels, Old age homes, corporate canteens, community kitchens, large gatherings of religious & social conglomerations, Midday meal programs.

Change - That is inevitable.

Young in metro cities are throwing away the rolling pin and rolling down their sleeves. This is because young generation, especially women now have busier lifestyles and therefore, spend less time in the kitchen. With Suvidha frozen chapati packets commonly available in local stores, it makes life a little less chaotic for mother’s on-the-go and for independent individuals.

Try it once, it will be part of your daily routine for ever. Suvidha frozen chapati is destined to be "Milk in pouch" success story.

For many years women have been prone to be known as the typical ‘housewife’ who kept herself forever busy in the kitchen. This continued with endless chores and buying sacks of flour and kneading dough with their hands to make chapatis. These days this is no longer the norm. Many younger women find taking chapatis out of plastic packaging from their fridges straight onto a pan mess free and much tastier.

There may be three reasons for this change of attitude towards using frozen chapatis instead of making them fresh. One: Present day women are now a lot busier with their careers and children. Two: Young girls don’t feel the need to learn to make themselves chapatis - because of ready made frozen chapatis Three: possibly a key reason, new focus on priorities of urban living.

Independent individuals such as university students, young professionals living miles away from home regularly live on frozen chapatis. Manisha, a business student says, “Attending lectures to studying long hours in the library tires me out. Hence, the carefree advantage of heating up frozen chapatis in the evening gives me sometime to eat and relax.”

However, it’s not just Mumbai women feeding on Suvidha frozen chapatis, men are too! Mumbai men who simply miss their mother’s traditional cooking, live alone, or have a busy-bee wife, find heating up frozen chapatis an absolute doodle!

The health properties of Suvidha Frozen Chapati can not be questioned. Ingredients are exactly the same as home made fresh Chapatis For example, use of Inhouse chakki fresh Atta - Wheat Flour, RO purified Water, refined sunflower Oil, & Salt for taste. There are no external chemicals & preservatives added.

There were times when women even produced home-made spices from scratch and grinded ingredients for their dishes. This is definitely a history today. It does seem that the old tradition of kneading and making chapatis oneself has long passed because of unlimited convenience offered by ready to cook Suvidha Frozen Chapatis

So, the era of ready to cook frozen chapati is here and the idea of making chapatis oneself is definitely tiring and time consuming activity when there’s so much else to do.

Inviting Distributors in unrepresented areas of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali and Panvel.