Welcome to Suvidha Frozen Chapati

no need to roll chapatisWe are young & dynamic group of professionals working on innovative food science & emerging technologies in the context of Indian food preferences. Suvidha Frozen Chapati is a pioneering initiative aimed at saving half an hour in the day of busy & stressed mumbaikar women.

Switching over to "Suvidha Frozen Chapati" is easy and natural choice for ambitious women - working or home maker. Without compromising on hygiene & quality requirement of soft, silky home made like chapati, Suvidha frozen chapati offers limitless convenience and much desired time savings.

No Need to Roll Chapatis

Now there is no need to get wheat or chakki fresh atta from market, knead atta in to dough and roll chapati yourself. There is easier and smarter way to get fresh soft chapatis. Just heat up the frozen Suvidha chapati & save your valuable time in kitchen. No compromises on quality and hygiene.

We offer chapati (Ghadichi Poli) - "Flat Indian Bread", Frankie Wrap, "Tasty Chatpata Methi Masala Thepla" of incredible quality & unbelievable price. We have set up largely automated facility to manufacture 1.5 tonne chapati per day. Modern, up to date kitchen equipment & superlative hygiene practices are spine of our activities.


Suvidha Frozen Chapati is ideal for Small & large families, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, hostels, Old age homes, corporate canteens, community kitchens, large gatherings of religious & social conglomerations, Midday meal programs.